NWK Agri-Services was historically a cotton based company; our network of farmers was built around the cotton growing areas and cotton continues to be a core aspect of our business.

Our cotton production consists of a base of over 130 000 smallholder farmers with our regional agricultural offices located in Lundazi, Chipata, Katete, Petauke, Lusaka, Kabwe, Mumbwa, Monze, Gwembe and Choma.

Training & support

Our team of agronomists prepares and disseminates training in cotton growing and best-practices to all our farmers. It is of the utmost importance that our farmers are up to date on current best practices in agriculture to ensure their cotton yields are high and that the best measures are being taken to protect the environmental sustainability of their practices.

Through the Yield/COMPACI Programme, Tractor Programme and Farmers Business Schools, NWK Agri-Services provides the farmers with a wealth of knowledge to ensure that they maintain successful businesses. Farmer growth is pivotal to our future success and is a key investment of our time and resources.


NWK Agri-Services has been providing pre-financing to smallholder farmers for many years. This service is crucial to farmers. It gives them access to inputs on loan and allows them to grow and earn more for their families.


Our extensive network of offices, gins and sheds makes us a permanent presence in the regions where we work. This long-term investment in our communities signals to our farmers that we are committed to the long-term success of their farming activities.


Post-harvest marketing requires additional services to make the sale of crops easy for our farmers. By providing accessible buying points, crop mopping services and speedy payment, we make it as easy as possible for farmers to remain loyal and to “grow with us”.