Our history

Our history

As a long-term market leader in the cotton industry, NWK Agri-Services has the largest out-grower scheme in Zambia with a farmer base of roughly 120 000. Operations of the company, include seven gin sites, nine regional agricultural offices, 50 agricultural sheds and a network of over 1 000 distributors working to serve our farmers who are situated across the country.

The company was originally established over ten years ago in the Mumbwa district under the name Mumbwa Cotton Ginnery Limited. As a result of privatisation in 1996 the assets of LintCo (Linto Company of Zambia), a government parastatal entity, was acquired by the Lonhro Group and Co’s.

In May 2000 Dunavant Incorporated, a privately owned family business, bought the entity. Dunavant participated in cotton trading in about 50 countries and had cotton assets and processing plants in Zambia, Uganda, Mozambique and Australia.

Dunavant Zambia expanded the number of ginneries to seven sites and nine agricultural offices, and operated 50 sheds across the country.

The Dunavant brand established itself as the leading agribusiness supporting Zambian smallholder farmers and creating stakeholder value through innovation, and social and economic growth.

In December 2012, a major South African based agribusiness acquired majority shareholding in Dunavant’s parent company. NWK Limited holds a 60% interest in Dunavant Zambia Limited through its Netherlands based parent company AfricaNeth Coöperatief UA. The remaining 40% shares in AfricaNeth Coöperatief UA are held by Louis Dreyfus Commodities (Middle-East and Africa) Trading (LDC) based in Dubai. Both shareholders bring added resources, capabilities and knowledge to the Zambian operation.