Our management

Our management

Pierre LombardPierre Lombard

Chief Executive Officer

Pierre holds the overall responsibility for the operations of the company. He is tasked with driving forward the strategic plan and implementation for the business. Heading the company’s goals of increased diversification, improved efficiencies and sound financial peformance. Ensuring that the company policies and procedures are appropriate and followed. Pierre holds his BSc (Agric) Honours from South Africa.


Jan WesselsJan Wessels

Chief Financial Officer

Jan oversees the Financial department and all financial reporting functions of the company. Jan holds a BCom degree, BComt (Hons) degree and CTA designation. Jan is a qualified accountant.

Kelvin HambwezyaKelvin Hambwezya

Chief Agricultural Services Officer

Kelvin joined the company in 2005 as a Yard Supervisor. He rose through the ranks to the current position. He has spent most of his working life in the cotton industry.

Kelvin oversees all functions related to agricultural services and origination of seed cotton and other commodities. This includes interaction with the out growers from provision of inputs to final purchasing of crops. His responsibilities include the monitoring of crop development and yield estimates, the purchasing of seed cotton and the moving of crops to ginneries, seed production, monitoring of farmers’ deliveries and loan recovery, and the management of extension services provided to smallholder farmers. Kelvin holds a BSc degree in Agriculture (Majoring in Agronomy) and a certificate in effective management and supervision.

Eran Wilson

Chief Retail Office

Eran joined the Company in February 2015 and originally The Country Director for Louis Dreyfus Company Ltd. He is fully responsible for the Retail Division within the Company, driving the retail growth and margin strategy as well as overseeing the Operational aspects of this business unit. He is also responsible to manage and oversee total inventory management and control for the whole Company. Eran holds a Bachelor in Arts degree as well as a MBA, Majoring in Economics and Knowledge Management Frameworks.

Christian Morris

Commodities Manager

Chris oversees all regional commodity trade activities. He is responsible for the management of our warehousing, logistics and quality assurance functions as well as the marketing of all the crops we handle. He holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics and has extensive experience in agricultural commodity trade and logistics.