In order to reach our network of over 130 000 smallholder farmers, NWK Agri-Services has an extensive network of infrastructure and access points around the country.

Agricultural offices

Our cotton operations are based at nine regional agricultural offices around the country. Agricultural offices manage the pre-financing, training and marketing/buying of crops throughout the year. Permanent employees and seasonal employees are contracted from these sites, contributing to the overall success of our operations.


Fifty agricultural sheds are operational across Zambia, bringing our services to the doorsteps of our farmers.

From these sheds, our farmers are provided with access to training, to payment services and to pre-finance contract signing. One of the major benefits of our expansive network is our ability to pick up crops close to the farmer, reducing their transport costs and as a result helping to keep more income in their pockets.


Our network of sheds provides us with an expansive reach, but our relationship with farmers is made even stronger through our distributor network.

NWK Agri-Services commissions over 1 000 distributors across the country to deal directly with our smallholder farmers. These distributors are themselves generally successful farmers, who are able to provide our farmers with advice and support to be successful at growing their own crops.