Our core activities

Our core activities

Cotton and other commodities

NWK Agri-Services has diversified its historic cotton base, into a business model with a broader agri-services offering. This shift in strategic focus has already seen NWK Agri-Services trading in maize and soybeans, offering storage solutions and opening retail outlets during the past season. This development gives farmers greater access to market opportunities to sell their crops.


Outgrower scheme model

The business has established itself as the leading agribusiness company supporting Zambian farmers through input provision, training and access to markets for all of their crops. The business works in partnership with the farmers, supporting their ability to bring their produce to the market, while also providing various community and empowerment programmes.

NWK Agri-Services has been providing extension services and training to farmers through the Yield/COMPACI Programme for five years and has recently expanded the training to soybean production. The programme’s aim is to enhance farmers’ yields in all their crops and to increase their net earnings per hectare. It is being implemented with donor co-funding from DEG and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and more recently USAID Trade Hub in respect of soybeans. Results have shown that farmers benefit significantly from adopting the Yield/COMPACI Programme principles, in terms of yields compared to “non-Yield/COMPACI trained famers”. To date, the Yield/COMPACI Programme has had encouraging results, with over
120 291 farmers trained through the programme since its inception (23 132 of the previously mentioned farmers are female).

The model is established within a pyramid structure, in order to dissipate the training widely. The benefit to farmers is improved yields and thus better incomes for their cotton and other crops.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities

NWK Agri-Services is engaged in working within the communities it serves, helping to increase productivity through not only its extension training yield improvement programme, but also through other community development activities. These projects, include the building of school classrooms, tractor ownership empowerment schemes, addressing HIV/AIDS awareness, providing weather and life insurance options and targeted investment in high-performing farmers to expand and grow their businesses.



The diversification plan of NWK Agri-Services also includes a retail section, with the establishment of a network of Trade Centres to sell agricultural inputs to farmers and provide on-going capacity building (through training) on those products. The employees at our Trade Centres are skilled and are able to provide advice and training to customers.


NWK Agri-Services processes a proportion of its raw seed cotton into lint and a number of by-products, including cotton seed, planting seed and cotton hulls.

Our oil plant operates out of Katete, while other products are processed at our four operational ginning sites in Katete, Gwembe, Lundazi and Mumbwa.

Grain storage

The company is looking to expand its storage solution offerings across the country. Through this service, emerging farmers and farmer groups are assisted in crop marketing and are able to hold crops for later sales.

Grain storage locations are expected to expand for the coming 2014 harvest season. Updates will be announced on our website as developments are finalised. NWK Agri-Services will continue to foster and deepen its relationship with smallholder and commercial farmers and to offer more solutions to help them as we continue to grow in the future.